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Kingdoms Reborn is a city-builder for solo play or multiplayer set in a varied and seamless open world where biomes range from icy tundra to arid desert and all points in between.
Guide your citizens. Grow from a tiny village to a prosperous city. Upgrade your houses and technology through eras. Cooperate or compete in real-time with your friends in the same world in the game’s multiplayer mode.
Inspired by my favorite games, Kingdoms Reborn is a crossover between Banished, Anno, and Civilization. Here is a brief description of it:
•   Individual citizens are simulated (similar to Banished)
•   Tech tree and 7 house-level upgrades (similar to Anno/Pharaoh)
•   Multiplayer:   play cooperatively or competitively, trade resources, etc.
•   Open world:   Large procedurally-generated world map with 7 distinct biomes that are homes to different species of plants/animals and mineral resources. Your personal game strategy will therefore depend on where you choose to settle!
Early Access Release Date: November 3, 2020
Music/Sound: Alistair Lindsay (the composer of Rimworld, Prison Architect.
Platform: PC (Steam)
Press Kit: link
How does the Multiplayer work?

Multiplayer is played in sessions similar to Anno or Civilization, with a maximum of 6 players per session (but this number could well increase during Early Access). You can play both cooperatively or competitively in multiplayer. Multiplayer interactions include (For Early Access Release):

•   Cooperative:   Trade, connect up cities, and give gifts
•   Competitive:   Claim land, vassalize, kidnap, or steal from another player
Is military action/conquest included in the gameplay?

Military action is abstracted as Influence Points. You can claim other people's land or vassalize them by using your Influence Points. Likewise, they also defend using Influence Points.

In early prototype versions, I experimented with in-world simulated military units, and it didn't work well. Shifting the game’s economy to build military units broke the flow of the game. Not only that, those who successfully built an army and vassalized others lost their will to rebuild the economy afterward.

By using Influence Points instead the game flows so much better because it works sort of like an auction system. If someone gets taken over (vassalized), they pay vassal tax to their lord, but still keep their town.

Why the card system?

In Kingdoms Reborn, players use cards to build and take actions. Every round (two and a half minutes), players get a selection of cards that can be bought and used. There are several reasons the card system is there:

  Regulate the pace of multiplayer games. Having a limited number of actions players can take, over time, prevents the game from turning into fast-clicking mayhem. It promotes and encourages strategic thinking and planning.
  Cards allow the addition of more content (buildings, actions, bonuses) without overwhelming and cluttering the UI.
  Cards also act as a soft tutorial, with the short card description helper telling players what they can do with each card.
Is it a solo project?

Yes, except for Music and Sound Design, which is created by Alistair Lindsay. Alistair also created the music and audio for Rimworld, Prison Architect, etc.   :)